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What happens when you suddenly learn your dad won’t be around much longer?

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In Search of the Perfect Onion Ring: A Son’s Stories of Life, Death, Cancer & His Dad

Our parents: How often we take them for granted, dismiss them, or complain about their quirks, particularly as they age? You know they won’t be around forever, but what happens when you suddenly realize that time is almost here?

For Chris Kern that moment came the day his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Chris takes us from diagnosis through death as he deals with helping his father through the last months of his life. But this is not just a book about cancer, grief or loss. Instead, it is a book about the day-to-day life of a father and son, the lessons learned about life, about his father, his sons, and himself.


I finished your book last night. It touched me. I wish I had met your Dad.
It made me smile and at the end I had tears in my eyes.
– K.B.
I just got my copy on Monday and love it. The book is great, Chris. It is
heartfelt and honest. It gives true reflection to your relationship with
your dad. I am going to give it to my oldest son after I’m done reading it.
– S.H.
It is priceless. It really hits home.
– K.A.